The Team Finland players Business Finland, Finnvera, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, ELY Centres and TE Offices can offer assistance to companies that are:
1. About to start, expand or reinvent their international business operations
2. Face concrete challenges in the international market and need expert assistance to tackle them
3. Looking for or building a network that could facilitate their international business.

Our services designed to meet these needs include:
1. Expert advisory services
2. Funding to boost competitiveness
3. Reliable networks consisting of both businesses/public authorities and individuals
4. Information on the opportunities available in the international market.

Based on the information you provide, we will identify experts and services in our network that provide the best match for your company. Your information will be shared with Team Finland’s networks in Finland and abroad.

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The company's current situation and international growth targets

Describe your company's business, your present situation, and your plans and resources required for business development.
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  • Financial situation
  • Resources: Key personnel, funding, etc.
Is your company currently engaged in international operations? What are your growth and internationalisation plans? What are your target markets, export targets, targeted international turnover in Euros?
  • Please describe your present international business operations
  • Planned target markets and export objectives (international turnover)

The company's service needs

Please describe in more detail the assistance you need to achieve your international business goals?